Tech Magick: What it is and How to Use Technology in Your Craft

What is Tech Magick?

📱Tech magick, also called techno magick, is magick that uses or relates to technology – computers, phones, etc.

How can I use technology in my craft?

🎇Turn your desk into an altar

🎇Have a digital BoS/Grimoire

🎇Put sigils as your phone background. You can charge by holding it (in some cases) or charging your phone

🎇Spells inside coding (<–Using these arrows inside coding means that it doesn’t show up on websites/apps. It’s just a personal note or your spell–>)

🎇Enchanting cords/electronics that whenever you plug something in or use something, x will happen. For example, turning the lamp on cleanses your room (ward every area that is dark for extra protection)

🎇Emoji spells. You can look up tech witchcraft on Tumblr to see that you like to charge and reblog to activate.

🎇”Reblog to get money, etc” posts. Belief charges the spell, reblogging activates it.

🎇Doing specific rituals in games, like Minecraft, Black ops, etc, (usually in single-mode) to manifest something to happen (employment, luck, etc). For example, in Minecraft, you can create an “altar” space.

🎇Enchanting your apple watch, etc, just like normal enchantment magick.

🎇Shuffling digital tarot cards

🎇Writing, drawing sigils or casting other spells to win digital games

How do I start?

📳Start by choosing a device, such as your laptop or phone.

📳Hold it and feel it’s energy. Get familiar with it.

📳Practice manipulating the energy.

📳Choose a spell and cast it.


🎇Try to connect with more technology.

🎇When you walk in a room, feel the electricity. Try to manipulate it.

🎇Cleanse your electronics.

🎇According to, ” electricity is like the air which is vibrating during sound waves. On the other hand, the electrical energy is like sound waves which fly through the air at extreme velocity”. Electricity and sound waves, in some form, is quite similar. So, practicing music magick can help with your tech magick, too!

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Author: Kaia Blackwood

Armed with curiosity and an obsession with asking questions, Kaia has made it her mission to help other witches practice the craft all the while finding (or creating) their own path. When she's not casting spells or writing on her blog, Kaia is playing with her dog (a Corgi and Jack Russel mix. A Ja'Corgi, if you will), writing fan-fiction, and dreaming (and planning) to travel abroad.

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