Struggling with grounding? Here are some tips.

I’ve recently gotten a message on my Tumblr blog about grounding. I’ve excluded the blogger’s name and URL for privacy reasons, but here is what the message said;

“Hello, my question is about Grounding..
I’m new at this and when it comes to grounding for the life of me I cannot do it.(and from what I’ve read it’s the base for 90% of things) anyway, I end thinking about other things or I simply start to visualize some type of like  dementor coming close to me and instead of white light it turns black. Is that a ego block or I’m I simply not putting enough concentration on it ? Any tips ?”

My response:

I have a couple of (read: a lot) of thoughts on this.

First, here is a link that teaches you how to ground if you are interested, but in case that old article doesn’t provide enough detail, let me explain more below.

I feel like it is important to say that a lot of people struggle with visualization and concentration. My friends and myself included, sometimes. It’s also one of the top reasons people struggle with casting spells, meditating, grounding, and so on.

It doesn’t make you any less of a witch, so don’t worry about that part.

Based on your specific situation, there is actually a lot of possible reasons why you are struggling. I’ll go over a few of them here, but keep in mind that it might be hard to tell which is the culprit.

Let’s start off with possible reason #1.

You’re doing it wrong…or wrong for you.

Let me just make it clear that there is not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to how to ground yourself.

In fact, I can even say that the definition of grounding may even be different for different witches. For me, grounding means dispelling any negative and “tainted” energies back into the earth and universe (where it is, essentially, recycled, reused, and cleaned in a way) while taking in the Earth’s and Universe’s pure and positive energy.

But back to the techniques of grounding.

Many people will say the right way to ground is to step outside barefoot and soak in the energy from the sun or moon, earth, air, or even natural water. That certainly is a great way to ground, and one that I recommend, but not always the best method in every situation. Most people call this technique “earthing”. There is also a “sun gazing” method, used only during certain times of the day for health reasons, which is effective as well.

Of course, you can ground yourself indoors, too. Or with shoes on!

The next method you can do standing up, sitting down, or (my favorite) laying down. Usually, as you do this, you should visualize your energy leaving and entering back into the universe and/or the earth while or before you start absorbing the pure energy from the earth and universe.

Many people picture a white light, like you did, and that’s fine. You can also picture green/brown light from the earth, or purple/blue/pink light from the universe. Or literally whatever color feels right to you.

I’ll talk a bit more about energy and colors later.

There’s also the method of affirmations, or simply stating your intention out loud.

You can do the exact steps above, or simply say the words, “I am grounded” repeatedly. You can even attempt to clear your mind while repeating this mantra.

The thing is about grounding is that it  is a natural thing to do (although, this is my opinion). Your body naturally does it, but it goes along better when you are purposely trying to ground and center yourself. You don’t need to have a totally clear mind or 100% concentration, and stating your intention works perfectly fine, too.

To put it simply, state the intention out loud or in your head over and over again. You can do this throughout the day or in a single session – whatever works for you.

So in other words, choose the method that works best for you. Personally, I usually need to lay down and sometimes will work with mantras. Often, I’ll also meditate with crystals since they really help me.

You are visualizing it wrong

You ever took a test that told you whether you are a visual, kinetic, or auditory learner?

These results help with witchcraft, too.

Visualization, especially.

Ask yourself…which sense are you mostly bonded with? Hearing? Smells? Sight? Taste? Touch?

Let’s say that, at least in witchcraft, you work better with touch than sight. This means that chances are visualizing a white light or green light or  whatever light probably isn’t working for you.

So instead, do something different.

Close your eyes and focus on what you feel.

Then, you’ll  visualize feeling the energy. Yeah, that was kind of weird to say, but basically imagine feeling the energy flowing into and out of your body. What would it feel like? Tingling? Coldness? Warmth? Maybe it would feel a little like grass or moss or branches, or even a cool air or the soft warmth of the sun? Maybe you can  feel that glow of moonlight on your skin.

You’ll probably notice you starting to actually feel these things – or maybe not. That may be you feeling the energy (and people may feel energy differently) or your brain simply tricking you. Remember that the brain is a powerful organ and does wonderful, amazing things!

If you aren’t a visual person or kinetic, maybe you work better with sound.

In that case, imagine what the energy from your own body sounds like. What is the frequency? low, high? Maybe it sounds like a creaking swing set, or the typing on a computer, or maybe it’s the sound of your favorite song. What does the energy from the earth sound like? Or the universe? As you later practice more with energy manipulation, you can even imagine what other energy sources sound like.

Now that you paired a sound to an energy source, imagine hearing the sound of your energy fading away, or the sound of earth’s energy or the universe’s energy getting stronger and stronger until it’s frequency is so strong it makes your entire body vibrate.

Maybe you are more comfortable with taste or smells. Basically, you will do the exact same thing as listed above. Maybe your own energy tastes like peanut butter or smells like sage. Maybe the Earth tastes like strawberries and smells like natural, flowing water. Maybe the Universe tastes like creamy milk and smells like a bouquet of flowers.

Magick is personal. It’s up to you.

To clarify, here are the exact steps you are doing:

  1. Associating each source of energy with a sight, smell, taste, sound, or feeling.
  2. Imaging that sense getting stronger or fading away as it enters or leaves your body.

If that worked, congrats. You practiced basic energy manipulation.

Visualization changes

You mentioned the white light turning dark, and possibly demonic or dark spiritual beings.

There is multiple possible reasons for this, too. So let me go over a few of them.

First, the brain.

To be fair, the brain is a complicated organ.

It kind of likes to trick you.

You ever see something out of the corner of your eye and  swear you saw a figure? That’s usually your brain trying to make since of it. It doesn’t mean you actually saw a figure (Though, not to say that you didn’t see it, either).

Let me use another example.

Once, when I first started getting into astral projection, I was laying down and practicing a method that an online friend gave me. She told me to basically lay down and  refuse to move. My brain will try to trick me by making me want to itch. It’s mostly just wondering why the body isn’t moving. Eventually, if you pass all the tests, you’ll trick the brain into thinking your sleeping – basically, at least.

That process usually took at least an hour, but it did work. Especially for those who struggled with concentration. You can basically think about anything, as long as you don’t move!

Anyway, one reason why you may sense spirits or other creatures is because the brain is trying to trick you to open your eyes, move, or whatever.

Another reason why you may see a black light instead of a white light is because your brain is constantly in over-drive and thinking about multiple things at once. It’s not exactly used to focusing on one thought for an extended period of time, so yeah – it’s going to try to trick you.

Just push through it.

Another reason is that you may be visualizing it wrong.

The color may not “Feel right” to you, so you’ll need to change it up.

For me, a white light just doesn’t feel right. I guess I need colors, but who knows.

So instead, maybe the earth’s energy needs to be green, brown (mine is usually a mixture of both), or whatever. It doesn’t have to be white. It doesn’t even have to be an earthy color. It doesn’t even need to be one color! It can have textures and patterns and…well, I’m going off track.

Finally, there’s also a third possible reason why you are visualizing different light.

You ever heard of auras?

Basically, it’s energy around a person’s body. The colors basically change based on the person’s emotions.

But there’s also a different  kind of energy that is surrounded by people, and it’s not based on people’s emotions. Everyone has it, but those who practice witchcraft, are more spiritual, are psychic, medium, etc, tend to have energy that extends 2+ inches off their body to filling an entire room.

For many people, the energy doesn’t seem to extend more than 2-3 inches off of their body.

Based on my own experience and from the information that I’ve gathered, there is at least four types regarding this type of energy: Light, dark, a mixture of both, and one that can change back and forth.

A person with telepathy is more likely to have light energy. A person who is naturally good at curses and death magick is more likely to have dark energy. A psychic is more likely to have light energy, as well, and even a person with strong wish manifestation abilities/skills may be more likely to have dark energy.

Keep in mind, dark energy does NOT mean “Evil”. Just like light doesn’t mean “good” and “pure”.

For me, my energy has always been and will probably always be dark. My best friend, A, has dark energy. Another friend has light. My other best friend seems to have an energy that changes at will, and another one is a mixture of both.

Witches and psychics all have this energy, and all are associated with one of the four categories. So, if you ever visualize YOUR energy (remember to “clean out” your energy before absorbing the pure energy. Although, this is based on your beliefs), your mind may even be visualizing it as dark because you are labeled as dark.

People with dark energy also sometimes feel like they are being followed, may even become suspicious of their own shadow, believe they see things, etc. It sounds like a haunting or the beginning of a demonic possession, but it’s not.

And no, if your energy is dark, you are not evil and you aren’t a demon.


Finally, if you have a poor attention span and keep thinking about other things, there is two things you must do.

First, change the way you ground yourself (because this may be causing problems).

And second, keep practicing!

One thing that I have done that has helped is by laying down. I also place crystals, gemstones, rocks, and seashells on my body, sometimes even essential oils or ash or sigils, which ultimately help me focus. I also need to be comfortable, and sitting up straight can hurt my back too much.

Another thing: Sometimes you just need to trick your body into going asleep (you can let your mind wander as long as you don’t move) before you attempt to clear your mind. You’ll probably find that it is a lot easier, but the more you practice the more you will be able to concentrate. Keep in mind that tricking your body into falling asleep can sometimes take  hours.

One last thing

One more important note to add is this: You don’t need to ground every day, every time before or after a spell, once a week, or even once a month. It’s all up to you and your practice.

Simple grounding techniques, like affirmations and stating your intention, can sometimes work perfectly fine. The more you practice, the better it will become.

What’s Next?

I’m planning on writing several books this year, including…

  • The mega-guide on how to create, activate, and cast a spell – focusing mostly on the creative process while also sharing 3-5 examples of how to create a spell.
  • A large book of shadows with spells sourced from all over the internet
  • A large book of shadows with spells solely made by me (or a friend)
  • A book on empathy, energy manipulation, psi balls, grounding, lucid dreaming, dream walking, astral projection, types of energies, auras, etc. Depending on the size of this book, may split it into multiple series.

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