Raw Green Chlorite Phantom Ghost Quartz Crystal


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In crystal healing and energy work, the Green Chlorite Phantom Ghost Quartz is known for self-growth, self-healing, regeneration, and removing unwanted energy. It helps with your love life, relationships, and friendships by showing you your true state and feelings, making your thoughts clear, and revealing the truth and the intention of others.

The Ghost Quartz helps foster a relationship between two people, attract a good match, and gets rid of barriers between love.

This chlorite crystal also helps improve your own skills and talents and supports your dreams and goals, particularly helping improve your financial situations and business. It also helps you gain ambition and the mindset of not giving up.

This phantom crystal also increases luck, aids you in soul-searching, adjusts energy balance, and helps you deal with your emotions. It corrects your energy and helps with healing, and because of it’s clear/green colors, it is also a symbol of harmony.

Each product ranges between 250g-300g.

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