I Talked to 3 Amazing Witches. Here’s What They Said [Mini-Interview]

It’s been a while since I last posted, and I’ve learned lately that as much as I wanted to be posting as often as possible (or at least weekly) on this blog, it’s just not realistic for me.

At least, not at the moment. 🤔

If you want a bit of an explanation and a bit of behind-the-scenes of what has been going on, read on below.

If not, skip to the beginning of this post by clicking here to read more about the 3 witches I interviewed this past month!

Still here?

Alright, so here it is.

I have a lot on my plate. And no, this isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s more…exciting, than anything.

See, I’m a 22-year-old Texan gal trying to move out of my parent’s house. While in the city I live in isn’t as expensive as San Francisco or New York, it’s still pretty expensive. Especially when you consider things like paying high car insurance rates, a phone bill, gas, food, rent…

Oh yeah, and I’m a barista. Not exactly top pay. I’ve also been working part time hours because working on my feet for 40 hours a week always triggers my chronic illness.

If you are feeling pity for me, please don’t. Why should you? I’m doing great.

I’ve finally gotten my own car (ah, well, one that I actually paid for this time. Last one was an old hand me down), I just started paying my own car insurance, I’m about to buy a new phone (and then start paying my own phone bill), and then I will be saving up to move out (and pay off that credit card debt. Damn shiny object syndrome).

Even more exciting? I’m almost done with my online certificate course (my associates has to wait…), I’ve learned how to best manage my chronic illness without taking drugs, I’m starting to eat healthier, feel healthier, and exercise regularly, and to top it all off, I’m also simultaneously working on a side-project and my part-time freelance writing business.

Plus, I’m on Season 3 of Lucifer. So yeah, that might have made it difficult to finally get back to writing here on MWL.

My bad. 😅

Anyway, I’m super pumped about all the things happening in life. You know, new car, finally #Adulting, and my online business. Of course, that means I have to accept that I wont write on here as often as I would have wanted, but perhaps someday I will be writing more regularly.

So, that’s it. Just wanted to keep you updated.

But, enough about me.

This past month, I decided to host 3 virtual mini-interviews, and wanted to share with you what these amazing witches said.

Why the interview?

Sometimes before you can plunge yourself into the crazy world of witchcraft, you want to learn about other witches, how they started, and some advice from them.

That’s understandable.

Before I start doing anything, my OCD has a tendency to kick in, and next thing I know I spent 6 hours researching about other people’s experiences.

And yeah, I am going to suggest to just dive right in and stop over-thinking things, but it can be hard to prevent yourself from getting excited about the research.

So, I’m giving you these interviews, but I’m keeping it short. Because the simple fact is, you just need to get started.

Stop wasting time!

At the end of the three interviews, I will also be answering my own questions. So, bonus interview, I guess!

Siobhan, the Solitary Practitioner.

“Hey! Can you tell me your name and a bit about yourself?”

My name is Siobhan Johnson, I live in Greater Manchester, UK.

I started my blog because I wanted to help people make witchcraft, magic, astrology and alchemy an effective part of their daily lives.

“I love how you incorporate lots of topics versus just witchcraft! Can you tell me a bit more about your practice, and how you got into witchcraft?”

I am a solitary practitioner, but I am also part of an alchemical community.

I encourage solitaries to find some form of community, which is not the same as a coven or order. It’s good to be supported in your journey!

I have finally found my home after years of searching in Hermeticism, which is the convergence of Egyptian, Greek, Judaic and Christian beliefs that is either the overt state or undercurrent of most of the Western practice of magic for a thousand years or so. Like most ‘modern’ Hermetics, I also enjoy blending a lot of Eastern mysticism, and psychology within my practice.

My daily practice is usually astrology, Tarot, prayers, spirit offerings. If I’m looking for spell-work, I normally do crystals or sigils.

I started my witchcraft journey the same way as most people of my generation – with a weird bastardization of Wiccan practices I found on Tumblr. I have always been interested in the mind and convinced that there life isn’t all there is, so I have spent the past decade poking interesting looking things with a metaphorical stick to see what happened.

“I feel the same way. In fact, I’m a bit obsessed with asking the “what if?” questions myself! Moving on, what is something you would like to tell witches who are just getting started?”

My best advice is this: Reading a wide variety of sources is incredibly important, and learning is a lifelong practice. However, without regular, preferably daily practice of one kind or another, you won’t achieve anything. Witchcraft, sorcery, whatever you want to call it is called a practice for a reason. It’s something you do, something you continually refine, something that grows, shrinks and changes with you as you grow and change.

Beware the advice of people who read a lot of books and yet can only be arsed to celebrate a Sabbat or two.

Life happens and no-one can do everything all of the time, and there is no right way or wrong way to practice. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break or shrinking your practice to accommodate health issues. But don’t fall into the trap of being an armchair occultist/witch. Knowledge is power, only when it is applied.

That’s why I created all the courses available in my Resurrection Program. They’re all designed to get you DOING something, often from the very first day. They provide a framework to support practical practice (you can read more about the program here). 

Note from Interviewer: Siobhan also has an awesome archive of posts aimed at beginner witches, including tips for beginner witches, urban witchcraft, tarot, crystals, and even a series of common witchcraft questions, answered. If you don’t read these posts, you are definitely missing out!

Kitty, the Otherworldly Oracle.

“Can you tell me your pen name and a bit about yourself?”

My pen name is Kitty Fields and I started Otherworldly Oracle after writing for a fairly popular writing platform for eight years. I realized they were lying to me and decided to start my own website where I could run everything myself and in my own way, transparently. When I told them I was leaving, they told me I’d never do as well on my own. They were wrong! The whole point of my website is to educate people on modern day magick and paganism.

Note from interviewer: The harshness from the witches on this other platform annoyed me to no end, but this actually does happen in the witchcraft community unfortunately (even in non-witchcraft related fields, this is a common thing, though). I’m definitely glad that Kitty moved past this and started her own website without them. No one needs negative energy like that! Also, congrats, Kitty, for getting started and leaving that platform!

“Wow! Well, I am super glad you started Otherworldly Oracle because I’m in love with it. Can you share a bit more about how you got into witchcraft and the type of magick you practice?”

I got into witchcraft as a teenager, when a family member introduced me to a book on Wicca. I’ve been drawn to it ever since. I’m on a solitary path and don’t consider myself Wiccan, but more or less a modern witch. I work with my ancestors, Celtic gods and goddesses mostly. My favorite witchy things to do include magical cooking, baking bread, growing and harvesting my own herbs and veggies, reading tarot and runes.

Note from Interviewer: To all my baby witches out there, know that if you are stuck feeling unsure about your religion that there are witches of nearly all beliefs. Yes, that includes Christian and Catholic witches, as well. Keep in mind your religion is your own. 

“What is something you would love to tell beginner witches?”

For those who are just starting to walk this path, I recommend just getting outside and connecting on the four elements first. Take your time getting to know the land where you live, including native plant and wildlife. Then move on and learn the moon phases, seasons, and sabbats. Truly getting in touch with nature is the basis of witchcraft. Here’s a few links to our beginner articles that might help:

Samantha, the nature-loving witch. (Also my best friend!)

“Hey, girl! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?”

My name is Samantha. I’m from Texas, USA [cowboy emoji]. I consider myself a very spiritual and nature-orientated witch who loves to spend my time outdoors doing various activities.

I also love Aerial dancing and exercising in general as well as baking in my free time.

Note from Interview: This is (somewhat?) off topic, but Sammy is very good at Aerial! 😀 I took a class with her and all I was able to do was stare at her with my jaw dropped. You know, right after I fell on my face in front of the instructor.😂

“How did you get into witchcraft, and what are some things personal to your craft?”

I got into witchcraft at a very young age, starting with doing small spells and eventually moving into different areas of work such as crystals, tarot, spells, and energy work. I mainly focus on my energy practices through different meditation exercises and techniques in different books I read. 

I like to use my crystals in my spell work and I practice tarot by giving readings to my friends and doing some for myself as well.

Note from Interview: Me. I am (one of those) friend(s). 😁😁😁

“What is something you would like to tell beginner witches just starting out?”

My advice would be to just take it slow and take the time to get it right! Witchcraft is not a fast process and to make real progress, you have to practice and take the time to get it right like anything else. Don’t be afraid to change different areas of your craft based on what you’re drawn to and don’t be afraid to fail before you succeed. Everybody learns at different levels and that’s okay 😄

Bonus Interview: Well…me.

A little about me, if you don’t already know

My “witchy” name is Kaia Blackwood, but my real name is Kirsten. I first started My Witchy Life as an anonymous blog meant to help beginner witches dive into the craft and find their own path, but eventually I got out of the broom closet and embraced who I am in the process. So, I guess the only thing that changed on MWL is that I sometimes accidentally use the names “Kaia” and “Kirsten” interchangeably.


How did I get started in witchcraft, and what does my craft look like?

I got into witchcraft at an extremely young age (around the age of 7 or 8), but I dived into it at the age of 12.

I dabbled in lots of of different types of magick, such as crystals, herbs, sigils, candle spells, etc.

My craft can be just as random as the amount of magick I’ve dabbled into, because I enjoy constantly learning, researching, and experimenting. However, my go-to spells tend to be basic candle magick or literally anything related to fire and burning, as well as sigils and journaling spells.

At the moment, I have about 100 herbs and am in the process of learning all about herbal magick including brewing special teas and smoke blends.

Some advice to beginner witches

I started this blog because I have an endless amount of advice, but if I had to just say one thing, it would probably be this.

Just start.





Oh, and let yourself make mistakes.

I know this might sound like terrible advice. I get it. Bad things can happen when it comes to magick.

But simply try to use common sense, and try not to do types of witchcraft that is said to be more problematic than others (such as fae magick or anything to do with spiritual beings). I’ve learned a lot more by making mistakes than reading books (in fact, I never really read magick books), and I don’t regret it. It was fun, and it makes for good stories.

You know, like that one time a spirit finally left my house after I possibly annoyed it to…ah, well, guess I can’t say death. 😅

Are you ready to jump in?

I got a super awesome Book of Shadows guide ready for you to read that over 1000 of my subscribers have read and found valuable.

Don’t miss out! Get your guide, jump into the craft, and get going on your spiritual journey.


Author: Kaia Blackwood

Armed with curiosity and an obsession with asking questions, Kaia has made it her mission to help other witches practice the craft all the while finding (or creating) their own path. When she's not casting spells or writing on her blog, Kaia is playing with her dog (a Corgi and Jack Russel mix. A Ja'Corgi, if you will), writing fan-fiction, and dreaming (and planning) to travel abroad.

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