How to Create and Charge a Spell

Whether you are creating your own spells or using spells you find on MyWitchyLife, it’s always best to charge your spell. Basically, this means “activating” the spell and clearly stating what the spell does.

The best part is you can do this at any stage of spell-casting, so beginners are welcome too!

How to Create a Spell

1. Decide your intention

As @moon_.daughter’s Instagram post says, “The new witch must be clear in his or her intention. This means you must know the desired result. It’s no good just wishing for a better life. You have to express your intention succinctly.”

And honestly, I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Before you create your spell, you first need to stop and think of what you actually want. And don’t ask for too much either, because that often results in the spell not working at all.

Let’s continue with @moon_.daughter’s post, which is another important rule to consider: “The best magick works with the path of least resistance. In other words, your desires should follow on in a logical step-by-step way based on where you are right now. Because that’s how life works for most of us.”

Plus, you need to put in a little effort to make it work. Although a “wish spell” sounds really nice, technically it’s simply a spell to help reach you to your goal and guide you. It doesn’t do all the work for you.

2. Decide the type of magick you will use

What kind of magick is the best to use based on your intention? Is this something temporary, or permanent? Easy to reverse, or difficult? A boost of something to help you out, or gradual help?

With that being said, there’s a lot of types of magick to choose from: Jar spells can be used as a strong boost of magick or a gradual, permanent release of energy. Knot spells work best with binding magick. Herbal magick works best to draw in something like good health, luck, or increase psychic abilities, or even ward away ill health, nightmares, and more.

You can make it as simple or as difficult as you like. Plus, you can look up some additional spell-casting tips to also help you out in crafting your own spell or ritual.

3. Pick your ingredients

Any experienced witch knows that even the strongest spells don’t need any ingredients at all – but they can help you out. IMO, each ingredient adds it’s own energy to your spell and to your intention which can help make it stronger.

Obviously, it’s important to check what kind of ingredients you already have. Don’t worry, you don’t need fancy herbs if you don’t want, and in fact, many herbs used in spells are already in your kitchen cabinet like thyme, basil leaves, and sage.

Picking your own ingredients also help boost your spell’s power as well, such as picking flowers or collecting rainwater or other water.

4. Decide how to cast your spell

This goes back to choosing what type of magick you want to use, but now is the fun part! Craft your spell and list the instructions. Simply choose what feels right to you, and make sure you clearly state your intention. Not all spells have anything to chant, but if you do, you don’t need to make it complicated or it to rhyme.

If you are making a chant, I recommend first calling your “power”, such as gods/goddesses/deities, the universe, or the elements, stating your intention, then ending it with something such as, “This is my will, and with harm come to none, so mote it be.”

5. Clarify what is needed and other important information

What do you do after the spell? What if the spell doesn’t work? How do you reverse it?

These are all things that you should probably consider before charging your spell.

If it’s a jar spell, sometimes the best method is to store it in a dark place where you won’t touch it. If the spell is done or backfires, simply wash it out or throw it away, signaling the spell is reversed.

6. Know how to reverse it, if necessary

Again, this goes back to #5, but it’s worth mentioning again. Often times after casting a spell, you can tell the universe or higher power that you wish the spell to be reversed, but in some cases, it is best to cast some type of reversal spell or perform some other action in order to properly reverse it.

7. Charge your spell, test it out, and record your results

Finally, charge your spell, cast it, and definitely record your results. Magick has a funny way of making people forget, so sometimes you may even cast a spell and can’t record the results because you can’t remember the ingredients, the chant, or even the entire spell!


Now, let’s get started!

How to Charge Your Spell

Use: Sets the intention of a spell and charges it with your own energy. Can be used after creating your own spell or finding a spell online, which could have been used with other intentions.


  • Paper
  • Pen/Marker, or printed out
  • Your spell and its ingredients


  1. Write down your spell, or print it out. Make sure to include:
    1. Spell name
    2. the intention
    3. ingredients
    4. instructions/incantation
    5. other information
  2. Charge the spell with energy. Visualize your own energy entering the paper and charging the spell, as well as energy from the universe, earth, etc. Visualize your desired outcome.
  3. [Optional] Charge the spell with a second method, such as burning the paper, burying it, leaving it under the moonlight, etc.
  4. As you charge the spell with your own energy or through a second method, repeat this chant as many times as you want. Three times, ten times, or even twenty-five times is often recommended. The more sometimes is better, especially because it can put you in a trance-like state“[Call your higher power],
    I call on you to make this spell magick
    [and with harm to none/this is my will] <–Optional
    so mote it be.”Here is how I do it:

    “Wind, Fire, Water, Earth, Aether,
    I call on you to make this spell magick,
    And with harm to none, this is my will, so mote it be!”

  5. Cast the spell. in some cases, you can simply charge the spell and cast it later, but it’s often best to cast the spell immediately after.

Other Information:

You can do this with a large number of spells, such as in your book of shadows, however, this is not always recommended, mostly for beginners.

You can change this spell to charge your spells as much as you want. Basically, the important thing to know if you need to charge it with energy and set your intention!


And that’s it. Feel free to comment with questions or your review!


Author: Kaia Blackwood

Armed with curiosity and an obsession with asking questions, Kaia has made it her mission to help other witches practice the craft all the while finding (or creating) their own path. When she's not casting spells or writing on her blog, Kaia is playing with her dog (a Corgi and Jack Russel mix. A Ja'Corgi, if you will), writing fan-fiction, and dreaming (and planning) to travel abroad.

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