When I had cast my very first spell, I was shocked at the results.


Magick is real, I thought, a goofy smile plastered over my face as I already started planning other spells to do. What happened next shocked me even more.

Every single one worked.




And with exceptional results, too.

Of course, eventually certain spells didn’t work, but I quickly learned the reasons why. Every failure and every success taught me more about witchcraft, and I only grew more excited – and obsessed – with the craft.

I even got my friends into it too, which yes, I know how weird that may sound, but it wasn’t really hard. At a very young age, I discovered I had special gifts such as being able to “read” people, feeling other’s emotions, and sensing death before it happens.

Gifted people give off a very different kind of energy in comparison to other people, which coincidentally “attracts” other people with abilities. So really, it explains a lot why I had found my amazing group of friends who all had special gifts as well, and who were all open to the idea of practicing witchcraft – especially after hearing my results.

They all quickly fell in love with it and even still practice the craft today.

Now, 10+ years later, I still find myself learning more about spells, rituals, and other things as well as my own spiritual beliefs.

How My Witchy Life was born

I’m not going to lie, I’ve started other blogs before but struggled to get it off the ground, but back then I didn’t know much about blogging – or digital marketing and e-commerce for that matter.

That’s because I treated blogging as a hobby and not a business. And see, with a hobby, I can just come back to it whenever I want, right?


Let’s just say, those blogs and forums failed miserably.

It wasn’t until my first year in college that I realized that I wanted to do this as a career. Not just blogging, but e-commerce, affiliate marketing, freelance services, courses, and more.

So I tried other blogs in several niches (or, subjects), but I realized that I either wasn’t passionate about it or had no experience.

So I asked myself…what do I have experience in?

And as my best friend sent me an abnormally large amount of memes related to magick and witches one day, I quickly realized that the only thing I have ever truly been obsessed with is magick.

So as I bought my domain name and started creating My Witchy Life, I found myself logging back in my old accounts on other magick communities and was struck with a shockingly large amount of emails of people looking for some help. I quickly emailed them back and answered as many questions as I can, getting even MORE excited about my blog, then even started casting spells for other people after I had cast a jar spell to bring positive energy, happiness, and good luck to my friend who ended up having amazing results.

Honestly, I forgot how powerful my own magick could be!

What you can do on My Witchy Life

I’ve designed My Witchy Life to help and inform people about everything I’ve learned from my many years of experience in witchcraft and the supernatural, but I’ve also wanted to have a community for people to share their own knowledge and experience and talk to other practitioners.

That’s why My Witchy Life isn’t a normal blog or forum board.

No matter what, you’ll always get people who don’t necessarily know what they are talking about, or unfortunately even internet trolls.

I wanted a place someone could enjoy coming to and sharing their own knowledge, but I also wanted a place someone could rely on.

That’s why My Witchy Life is both a blog and has forums and groups.

Here’s a brief list of things you can do on My Witchy Life:

  • Read my awesome blog and learn more about spells, rituals, the supernatural, and even the paranormal
  • Participate in the forum
  • Post spells, rituals, and articles
  • Join groups such as covens, packs, or groups based on interests
  • Check out the store, which is constantly growing more with products
  • Become a moderator, mentor, free or paid spell-caster, fortune teller, or even create and sell courses and make money
  • Join contests and giveaways
  • Chat with other members with our messaging system

You can also always contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns and can expect a reply back within 5-7 business days. If you message with a comment, you might not get a reply due to the emails I get on a daily basis.

You can also contact for other reasons such as…

  • Wanting to become a moderator for a specific forum, coven, pack, or group
  • Wanting to create your own coven, pack, or group
  • Wanting to publish a blog post on the main blog
  • Wanting to guest post with a link back to your own blog
  • Wanting to advertise with us
  • Wanting to create a course, read other member’s fortunes (psychic readings, tarot cards, numerology, dream interpretation, etc), become a mentor, spell-caster for hire, or host other paid services with us
  • Etc.

Just fill out the form below, or contact me directly at Admin@mywitchylife.com. You can also message me on Kik at @MyWitchyLife71.