• When I had cast my very first spell, I was shocked at the results.


Magick is real, I thought, a goofy smile plastered over my face as I already started planning other spells to do. What happened next shocked me even more.

Every single one worked.




And with exceptional results, too.

Of course, eventually certain spells didn’t work, but I quickly learned the reasons why. Every failure and every success taught me more about witchcraft, and I only grew more excited – and obsessed – with the craft.

I even got my friends into it, too.

They all quickly fell in love with it and even still practice the craft today.

Now, 10+ years later, I still find myself learning more about spells, rituals, and other things as well as my own spiritual beliefs.

Why My Witchy Life?

When I first started MWL, I thought my goals were simple:

 1. Help beginner witches learn the practice of witchcraft
2. And help these beginner witches find their own path, whether that be Wiccan, Pagan, or some other name that I probably can’t even pronounce.

For me, witchcraft isn’t just a practice, but a passion. And having a community of like-minded, amazing individuals only adds fuel to my love and – *cough, cough* – obsession. Unfortunately, it took a couple months until I realized that I wasn’t going to get that on MWL if I kept things the way they were.

I needed to change things up.

The Rebirth of My Witchy Life

First things first: My Witchy Life is for witches of all levels.

Second, MWL is written by an eclectic witch and for an eclectic witch (mostly). We don’t judge or leave out any witches, however we do encourage witches to follow their own path. 

Simply stating, that just means we don’t worry about labels (Wiccan, Pagan, Druid, Shaman, Christian, Buddhist, etc). We’re a “I believe in what I believe in” kinda witch.

And finally, MyWitchyLife is big on self-improvement. Perhaps that means using magick in your own business, to help you get and stay healthy, to be a better person, or to simply be happier! We’re here for all of your self-care, self-help, and self-love needs.

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