3 Magickal Spells and Rituals For Self-Improvement

Sometimes the only thing standing in your way is yourself.

Often, the solution could be as simple as recognizing negative thoughts and changing them, or even squeezing in some self-care time in our week so we aren’t “all work and no play”.

Other times, it’s not that easy.

I’ve had this blog for more than a year now, and yet I’ve only gotten less than 20 posts at the time of writing this. That might be OK for a hobby blog, but if I’m being honest this blog wasn’t meant to just be a “hobby” blog.

I wanted it to be something more.

This blog – both of my blogs actually – are my passion, so why the hell would I be struggling so much to keep writing blog posts every week?

Truth is, there’s a long list of reasons why – from being a straight-up perfectionist (leading to procrastination and negative thoughts) to the anxiety I feel for having so much on my plate (work, school, etc). Plus, there’s also the fact that I possibly have a sleep disorder.

I’m working on all of these obstacles, but I also realize that it might take longer than I would expect.

So in the mean time, I’ve come up with 3 self-care and self-improvement spells to help you in all areas of your life, each with a dash of magick to give you a boost in whatever you are working towards.

1. Overcome your obstacles with tech magick

This ritual might be a long one, but it’s definitely something that can be both easy and fun to do.

And, if procrastination is one of the obstacles you face when trying to achieve your goals, this might seem like a weird magick ritual to try – especially since it will seem like you are simply procrastinating with this spell instead of getting your work done!

Step one: Cleanse your device

I recommend using a laptop for this spell, but you can also use your phone, too.

Cleansing technology might be a bit different than cleansing other objects (for example, you can’t put your phone in a bowl of salt or water). Also, burning too close to your devices aren’t always good. Generally speaking though, I’ve burned sage and other herbs where the smoke is near my laptop and it hasn’t affected it. But, I’m also not burning anything too close, either.

If you are new to tech magick, cleansing your laptop or phone might be really weird and foreign to you, so let me help you out. Here are some ways you can cleanse your object:

  1. Place crystals on your laptop or phone and set the intention that any and all negative energy will be absorbed by the crystals. Remember to cleanse the crystals later, too.
  2. Burn sage (or certain other herbs) near your device, making sure you aren’t close enough to damage.
  3. Place a sigil on or near your device with the intent to cleanse and ward away negative energy.
  4. Simply meditate with your device and imagine negative energy leaving!

Note that your battery may drain from any sort of energy manipulation, or other times act up. It’s recommend that you keep your devices charged.

Step two: Open up Google Docs

Go to docs.google.com and open up an empty document. You can also do this with word or another software, but I recommend using Google docs!

On the top of the page, write down your main goal that you want to achieve. I did this in bold letters, but you can do this in any way you want – or in any color you want.

You can delete this document later since this document is mostly for setting up the spell.

Next, write down a list of known obstacles you are facing that prevent you from achieving your goal.

Here are some examples, some of which I even used.

  1. Procrastination
  2. Perfectionism
  3. Laziness
  4. No interest
  5. Loud noises around the house
  6. Creativity blocks
  7. Too much day dreaming, not enough action

After that, we’re going to break down each obstacle and write 1-3 positive affirmations. You can do more than three, but 1-3 is just a recommendation.

For example:

  1. I let go of the need of other people’s approval (perfectionism)
  2. I love taking action (procrastination)
  3. I am fully energized and motivated to do what I need to do (laziness)
  4. I focus on my reality (day dreaming)
  5. I love studying medical coding (no interest)

At the end, your document may look like this:

Feeling motivated. Idk, might delete. 😂😁😀

Step three: Go to Google Slides

After you go back to the Google Docs homepage, you can then head over to google slides.

First, click on the main menu icon.

After returning back to docs.google.com.

Next, click “slides”.

You can always go directly by typing slides.google.com!

After that, you can click on “template gallery” to look at the slide show templates, then pick one.

For me, I decided to use “photo album”.

Step four: Create a visual slideshow with intention

Next, it’s time to create your slide show. This is just for personal use and not meant to be shown to anyone (though you can if you wanted to).

Simply add anything you want and center it around your MAIN goal.

Here are some things you can add:

  1. Photos related to your goal or dream life
  2. Inspirational quotes
  3. Music related to your goal or to make you motivated
  4. Sigils and other symbols
  5. Pictures of witchy things (candles, herbs, etc) – Section 4.1
  6. Journal prompts – section 4.2
  7. Links, videos, articles, and other sources – section 4.3
  8. Positive affirmations
  9. Spells and poems
  10. Stories
  11. Sound effects

Literally, you can add anything you want. Be creative!

Step 4.1: Adding pictures of “witchy things”

One thing that you can do is cast a “virtual” spell. You can use emoji spells like you find on Tumblr, but you can also do a simple ritual made out of pictures, clips, and more.

For example, I simply placed a burning yellow candle in between two crystals for business success (Lapis Lazuli and Citrine). Next to it was a spell I have written with inspiration from other spells.


  1. Google spells related to your goal + chants in order to draw inspiration from other spells online. If you copy, just remember not to share it and claim it as your own online.
  2. Look up correspondence lists related to your goal, such as candle color means, crystals, herbs, etc.

Here is an example of a slide I did:

Tech witches technically always have ingredients for spells.

Step 4.2: Use Journal Prompts

Another thing that you can do is use journal prompts that are specifically written to help you reach your goals.

While usually you won’t want to have a slide with a lot of text for a presentation, remember that this slide show is for your eyes only and is apart of the spell. So, any slides with a journal prompt may not have any pictures whatsoever, and that is OK!

I’d recommend googling journal prompts related to your obstacles or goals. For example…

“Journal prompts for business success”

“Journal prompts to overcome procrastination”

“Journal prompts for goal-setting”

You can go in more detail, which I’ll probably do later.

Step 4.3: Adding links, articles, and other sources

Have a story that inspires you?

Maybe when you first read an article about how someone achieved the same goal you have it inspired you.

Perhaps it wasn’t an article, but a YouTube video!

You can add all of that in your slide show as well.

Not sure the best way to add it? Here is an example:

Add a nice little motivational quote from the article to give you some positive vibes. ♥
This article has seriously motivated me, though. ✌

Or, you can do it like this:

Love her!

Or, take this one for example. I used a real group travel trip off of efultimatebreak.com because I know that every time I go on there, it inspires me to make money so I can travel!

Anyone else go to efultimatebreak.com all the time? Just me? OK…

I also like to add sigils by going to SigilScribe.me.

I’ve actually been to Italy (right). Mt. Vesuvius is so beautiful.
Or you can make your own in paint. Either way.

Step five: Finish setting up

Add additional photos, music, or whatever you want to make it more visually appealing.

Also, feel free to add music that inspires you, spells, chants, sigils, and more.

I also like to label the very front slide as, “my dream life”, add a sigil for manifestation, then write my full name and date of birth as shown below.

Kaia Blackwood isn’t actually my real name (more like my witch name), but I changed it for this article. 😉

(Optional): Save an image to your background with an invisible sigil

I’m in love with visuals as well as sigils, so you can imagine why I love this technique.

First, create a sigil whether by hand or using SigilScribe.me. Save it to your computer, then place it over your images. Kind of like this:

Who doesn’t want to travel?

After that, click the right key on your mouse. Then, click “Order” and “Move to back”.

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t working.

Next, to save the image as my background, I’ll start by saving it to my computer. I’m not very tech savvy as I thought I was, so there is probably a much better way to do this.

But, here is how I do it.

First, click “present”.

Let’s present to…me, myself, and I. 🥰

Next, click print screen (or prt sc) on your keyboard.

After that, I paste it on my Paint software app (yes I still use that), save it, then set it to my laptop background.

Like I said, there is probably a much better way to do this, but this is just how I do it.

For me, the image turned out like this:

This is really my background now.

You can’t even see the sigils!

Step Six: Make it magickal

Go back to your first slide and click “present”.

As you go through each slide, simply visualize positive energy going into the slide show, imaging that every time you look at your slide show that you get inspiration, energy, and motivation to keep working.

Remember, you can keep adding to your slide show all you want.

You can also chant as you move through the slide show, speak out loud your intent, say positive affirmations, etc.

I also recommend playing certain audio throughout the slide show. For example, pagan music, meditation walk-throughs, positive affirmations on youtube, etc.

Final Step: Use it whenever you need a boost of motivation!

Simply look through your slide show whenever you need some motivation to achieve your goals. You can chant certain spells that you put in your slides, or even listen to some music.

2. Light your path towards your goals with color magick

Ah, color magick.

One of the first things beginner witches learn (candle color charts, for example) and yet, not a lot of witches seem to really emphasize on this type of magick.

But, you’ve probably heard of art therapy, right?

Art therapy has a way of centering you. In it’s own way, it is a form of meditation that can help you keep calm, focus, and clear your head. Hence why so many adult coloring books are flying off the shelves.

This spell is simple, and all you really need is coloring tools (such as markers, pens, etc), paper (even sticky notes will do), and perhaps an idea of what you want to achieve.

The process simply involves creating a list of self-improvement goals and writing it in the right format, using color magick to color and doodle, then choosing (and using) a detachment method such as burning or ripping up your precious work of art.

If that sounds bizarre, I understand. But, destroying it is a form of detachment, and detachment is kind of the main ingredient here to help make this spell work.

But if that doesn’t interest you, you don’t have to destroy it.

Because this is much like sigil magick.

With sigils, we generally have two kinds: Active and Passive.

Active sigils are the kinds that you tend to destroy, and therefore the sigil has a tendency to work almost instantaneously.

Passive sigils, on the other hand, are not often destroyed and will work very gradually.

And…I know what you might be thinking.

You might be wondering…which one is better?

Truth is…

It depends.

On a lot of factors.

Your goals – and the way you word them, your own personal magick energy, your productivity and consistency, the types of goals…the list goes on.

So, I’m going to break it down in a simple way for you:

ACTIVE: Best when you break down your goals into bite-sized bits. Works faster, smarter, and even gives you a boost of confidence that the spell is doing it’s job. Won’t work as well if you don’t break your goals down.

PASSIVE: Works better with bigger goals that you DON’T break down. Takes a while, and you may not feel confident that the spell is even working. You may constantly think about your goal and the spell, which can make it worse. Best used as a booster for an active spell.

In a way, “both” might be the better answer here.

With that being said, let’s get right to it.

Step one: Create a list of self-improvement goals

Don’t worry so much about breaking your goals down right now, or whether they are big or small enough.

This is the “brain dump” stage. Whatever you think of, write it down. You can cross things out or add more to it later.

Tip: Set a timer for 5 minutes or less and write down all of the self-improvement goals for yourself that you can think of.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Get toned
  3. Get stronger physically
  4. Clear acne
  5. Get faster
  6. Eat healthier and cleaner
  7. Stop binge eating
  8. Stop stress-eating
  9. Stop binge-watching TV
  10. Be more productive
  11. Work on time management
  12. Work more on side-hustle

Step two: Edit, cross, circle, edit.

Look at your list. If you want, try to focus on 5 goals or less to focus on, but it’s OK if you have a lot.

Start by crossing out goals that you realize you either don’t care about, don’t actually want, or perhaps don’t want to focus on.

Circle goals that are the most important to you.

Edit goals if you realized that they aren’t clear. For example, do you want to drop x amount of pounds, or do you want to look more tone and healthy so you can love your body? Muscle weighs more than fat, so it’s not always smart to simply say “lose weight” or “drop 50 pounds”.

Step three: Re-write

With your new list of goals, write them all in first person and as if it already happened/is happening.

For example:

  1. I am toned and love my body
  2. I am productive and manage my time accordingly
  3. I watch TV when I want without going over-board

Step four: Write it & Color it

Take out pieces of paper, and on each paper start writing down your goal. Color the words, doodle around it, or do whatever it is that you want to make it look pretty.

You can use sticky notes (perfect size!), or even tear a printer paper to make the pieces smaller.

Also, try to use colors that correspond with your goal. Look at this color chart for an example:

Color Chart:


KEYWORDS: Love, passion, health, aggression, strength, power, fire.

GOOD FOR: Boost confidence, improve sex life, get healthy.


KEYWORDS: Attention, creativity, inspiration, motivation, good luck, positivity, celebration, kindness.

GOOD FOR: Boosting creativity, boosting productivity, being more positive, overcoming perfectionism.


KEYWORDS: Progress, success, optimism, courage, mental clarity, communication, intellect, spirits, air.

GOOD FOR: Change negative mindset, progress towards goals, communicate more with spouse, gain more knowledge.


KEYWORDS: finance, wealth, luck, travel, health, prosperity, nature, fertility, balance, healing, growth, sensation, earth.

GOOD FOR: Travel more, job or career related goals, get pregnant, find a work-life balance.


KEYWORDS: patience, understanding, honor, health, healing, justice, calmness, wisdom, renewal, meditation, physical and psychic protection, dreams, job, weather, water.

GOOD FOR: Control or manage empathy abilities, avoid triggers or episodes for health problems, ease anxiety.


KEYWORDS: wisdom, psychic ability, psychic power, divination, inspiration, spirituality, empowerment, enchantment, magick, astral projection, higher realms, spirit.

GOOD FOR: Practice meditation more often, speak to spirit guides, astral travel, business ideas, confidence.


KEYWORDS: love, healing, family, friendship, socializing, selflessness, romance, peace, physical health, mental health, emotions, heal the heart.

GOOD FOR: Relationships of any kind, getting out more, being less selfish, finding inner peace, improving mental health.


KEYWORDS: purification, truth, inspiration, clarity, spiritual strength, enlightenment, unity, protection, in replacement of any color.

GOOD FOR: Being more honest, avoiding liars, find enlightenment, protection against haters.


KEYWORDS: protection, honor and respect, deep meditation, banishment, unlocking, absorb and remove negative energy, get rid of bad habits and out of unwanted situation, uncrossing, unbinding, contact ancestors, shadow work.

GOOD FOR: Quit smoking, quit laziness, banish negative thoughts, avoid negative behaviors or people.


KEYWORDS: neutralization, stasis, balance.

GOOD FOR: Finding a work-life balance, getting out of a rough-patch with career, health, etc.


KEYWORDS: grounding, concentration, searching, protection.

GOOD FOR: Maintain balance of energy, concentrate on tasks, protect oneself or others.

Remember, there are more colors with even more meanings that you can use.

Also, magick is stronger with emotional ties. So, if you associate the color Gold with the feeling of success or something else, use it!

You can also doodle around the words and more.

For mine, I decided to color the entire sticky notes, mainly focusing on certain colors that represent what I want to achieve. For instance, orange for boosting productivity, yellow for inspiration, success, and progress, and brown for concentrating on tasks. I also added in other colors, like blue for avoiding health problems that prevent me from achieving my tasks, green for money (since I am working on an online business), and more.

Chaotic, but it works.
Circle = main colors, * = Some, _ = dash of colors.


Step five: Detachment

Whether you decided to use an active or passive way to end the spell, you still have to detach in some way.

In case you are confused, that basically means to let go and trust the universe that your wishes will be manifested.

While you still have to work towards those goals, try not to obsess over it or constantly think about this spell.

Here are some ways you can end the spell:

  1. Burn the papers (active)
  2. Tear them up and throw it away/shred (active)
  3. hide them, such as under the bed or somewhere else you wont look (passive)
  4. Visualize energy going into them before putting them somewhere else (passive)
  5. place crystals or essential oils on them, set it aside, put it away (passive)
  6. bury it (active, but can seem more passive sometimes)
  7. Place in wish box (passive)

My favorite ways are to burn them or simply tear it up and throw it away.

Doesn’t hurt to surround it by crystals!


3. Get in a trance with some language magick

For the most part, many witches find it best to practice magick using whatever language they know best.

But sometimes, it can be kind of fun to do magick in a different language.

Here’s the thing.

As long as you know your intention and what you mean, then saying it or even butchering it in a completely different language is OK.

And if you are wondering why we would use a different language for a spell, remember this: Magick works really well when you forget about it. It also works amazing when you are in a trance.

And I don’t know about you, but something about muttering words in a different language makes me not only forget what they mean sometimes, but also helps me center myself and get in a trance-like state.

Of course, this may not work for everyone!

Step one: What do you want?

This part should be simple.

What do you want?

Maybe you want success in your online business, an extra $100, or even for someone to tell you the truth.

Either way, figure out what you want.

Step two: Create a chant

Next, create a chant. You can use other spells online for inspiration. Just know that if you copy it word for word, don’t share without credit.

Usually, I have three basic parts to a spell. Well, sometimes for.

Part 1: Calling on a source of power.

For me, I like calling on the elements and the universe for power. Other people may use gods/goddesses (whether they worship them or are using them as symbols), symbolism, spirits, etc.

Part 2: say what you want

This part is easy. Simply say what you want.

Part 3: End it

Usually people like to add “so mote it be” or “with harm to none” at the end of the spell. Find a way to end it.

Part 4 (optional): Add some fluff

Sometimes when I call on the elements, I make it simple. Other times, I call on the “raging waters of the ocean” or the “howling wolves of the moon”. This part is awesome because it’s personal to you, and personalization is awesome in magick.

Here’s a little example:

Wind, fire, water, and earth,

Let my business succeed,

with money that flows abundantly to me,

from the moon,

and from the sun,

let the universe hear me plea,

this is my wish,

so mote it be!

Step three: Translate it

It’s OK if you butcher it.

It’s OK if you use Google Translate, or if you try to translate it word for word.

It’s OKAY as long as you feel like it’s OK.

Magick is personal, and spells are things that we are constantly tweaking to be even more successful than before.

Here’s my chant:

“ventus, ignis aqua terra,

negotium meum prosperabuntur,

mihi pecuniam abundanter profluens,

a luna,

ad lucem,

universum audit vocem meam,

desiderio meo,

sic fiat semper!”

If you translated this back to English, it would not look like the original at all, but it’s OK!

Kind of like sigils, this is a way for you to not be able to recognize what you are asking the universe for. It’s a way to help you with detachment so your desires will manifest.

Step four: Chant + meditate = trance

Light a candle or burn some incense if you want, and simply sit or lie down in a comfortable place.

Then, look down at your paper (preferably not on your phone. Glares are not always good for spells!) and chant this as many times as you want (10-50 times or more!).

You can do this loud, quiet, or let it vary.

You can look at your paper or memorize it.

If you mess up, just keep going!

Singing bowl, lighter, mortar and pestle with a mixture of my favorite herbs, paper with chant in Latin, and paper from previous color magick spell.

Mix it up

As you can tell, I decided to mix things up using the color magick spell and language spell together.

Don’t be afraid to try to mix things up, edit, or do it your own way.

Magick is personal!

Craving for more?

Comment ONE goal that you really want to achieve to help you reach your dream life, whether that is for your business, a relationship, or simply to be healthier or to love yourself.

Author: Kaia Blackwood

Armed with curiosity and an obsession with asking questions, Kaia has made it her mission to help other witches practice the craft all the while finding (or creating) their own path. When she's not casting spells or writing on her blog, Kaia is playing with her dog (a Corgi and Jack Russel mix. A Ja'Corgi, if you will), writing fan-fiction, and dreaming (and planning) to travel abroad.

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