20 Sigils for Every Category

In my years of practice, I had quickly found myself becoming obsessed with sigil magick. Why? Because all you need is a paper and a writing utensil and you’re good to go! Before we dive in though, I should probably tell you a few key things.

  1. Use a marker or pen. Pencil fades and can be erased, and for me, that has always seemed to lessen the effects of the sigil. Honestly, a pencil still works just as fine, but for me, I try to avoid it.
  2. The sigil only works after two things:
    1. The sigil “feels right” to you, and
    2. You charge it with your energy (and other ways to charge it if you want) and you imagine the outcome.
  3. If you find sigils online (like right here!), make sure you charge them and state your own desire just in case. You can even imagine yourself cleaning the sigil with any residual energy. Why? Some cases an online sigil has been used for other reasons which can affect your outcome. However, because you state your own intentions, this usually won’t be the case.
  4. When you do sigil magick, stop charging when it feels right. Sigil magick focuses a LOT on your own energy. It’s also great for beginners and very easy and practical.
  5. Finally, for beginners, I recommend charging it through means like burning it over a candle, burying it, or soaking it in moon water as well as your own energy. Eventually, you can just use your own energy if you wish. It depends on how you feel.

With that being said, here are 20 sigils in nearly every situation of your life. Let’s get started!

1. Love Magick – A Love Confession Sigil.

Use: To make those that have a crush on you confess, whether through literal means or by flirting.

Warning: This can easily affect a person’s free will and bring in the Rule of Three. To try to get around that, try stating your intention like this:

“Those that have a crush on me feel the urge to confess to me through any means. As this sigil harms none, this is my will, so mote it be.”

“Others that have a crush on me feel urged to confess their feelings to me.”

2. Health Magick – A Pain Killer Sigil

Use: To ease the pain for you or someone else. This may temporarily ease the pain or even lead you to something that can ease the pain. In some cases, it can even lead you to the answer of why you are in pain to get the treatment that you need.

Warning: Do NOT use magick in replace of medical advice/help. Also, health magick can be tricky, so state your intention clearly and focus on your outcome.

“My [physical pain/knee pain/stabbing pain] is relieved.”

3. Spiritual Magick – A Sigil to Repel Spiritual Beings and Protect You

Use: This sigil works as shielding you and your energy. When you walk in the room, especially with this sigil, this sigil helps you from being unable to see spirits, or the spirits unable to enter the room or mess with you. This is especially good when dealing with demons and other dark beings sense fear makes them stronger, and fear can make warding spirits away harder.

Warning: Will repel the good spirits away, too. Also, make sure you state your intention on how long this sigil will last. This sigil can repel all spiritual beings away, including spirit guides and other beings in the spirit realm. To get around this, state your intention something like this, “[Spiritual beings/demons/ghosts] cannot be in the same room as me when I wear this sigil. An’ it harms none, this is my will so mote it be.”

“When I wear this sigil, spiritual beings cannot be in the same room as me.”

4. Wealth Magick – A Sigil to Help You Get a Job

Use: To help get you a job, or another job.

Warning: Be specific, but not too specific. Also, this doesn’t work if you are doing nothing (in some cases, it will help you find job opportunities though). This only works with some effort.

“I have a job.”

“I have a part-time job that pays at least $(reasonable amount here only)/month.”

5. Beauty Magick – A Determination Weight-Loss Sigil

Use: To motivate you, make you determined, and strict on your diet/exercise plans to lose weight (can also be used to gain weight).

Warning: Be specific! If you do a simple weight loss sigil, chances are it either won’t work or can make you extremely sick. Like money magick, there needs some effort. This sigil helps with making you feel even more determined. It can even make you feel grossed out when encountering foods that while otherwise, you would enjoy, are not part of your diet plan.

“I am determined to lose weight and I do not crave foods that aren’t on my diet plan.”

“I exercise five times a week and lose weight.”

6. Luck Magick – A Good Luck Boost Sigil

Use: To bring a boost of good luck. In some cases, could also bring good luck in gradually.

Warning: From what I have seen, a lot of times after good luck spells, bad luck comes when it is over to balance it out. I hear that you can cast a bad luck spell on someone else to avoid this problem, however, that goes against my beliefs, and it also can make things much worse in my opinion, so I do not recommend this. Not entirely sure how to avoid this problem, or if it’s even possible. I’m not actually sure if I even got bad luck every single time I did a good luck spell, so it’s possible that you also may not run into this problem.

“I have a stream of good luck for 24 hours.”

7. Life Magick – A Sigil to Make the Kids Go To Sleep

Use: When the kids are too loud or staying up too late and you just need some peace and quiet, this sigil can help make them go to bed.

Warning: set your intention clearly, because it is entirely possible this sigil can cause more harm than good. Technically, this also messes with that free will rule and stuff, so you can always state your intention such as asking your higher power to guide your kids to sleep so you can have some peace and quiet.

“With this sigil, [the kids/names] goes to bed, at the harm of none.”

8. Life Magick – A Sigil to Find a Home

Use: Looking for a new home or apartment? This sigil will help – but with a bit of effort. This can also speed things up a bit when searching for a new home.

Warning: Be specific – but not too specific (because that can make it less likely to work). Instead, state it like this, “I have a good home that [I/my family and I] love.”

9. Weather Magick – A Sigil to Make The Rain Go Away

Use: When it’s raining and you don’t want it to. This sigil has a time-limit, so it’s best when you want it to stop raining until…say…you get home.

Warning: Has a time-limit. If it doesn’t work, it may rain harder.

“The sky is clear while I am outside.”

10. Fun Magick – A Sigil to Control Your Empathy Abilities

Use: To help gain control of your empathy abilities.

Warning: Not meant to be used for long-term use. Just a gentle guide to help you gain control.

“I am an empath, and I am in control of my emotions. I can sense other emotions and my own, separately.”

11. Fun Magick – A Sigil to Hear What Someone is Saying

Use: Afraid someone is gossiping about you or someone you love? Use this to hear what they are saying.

Warning: This sigil can push you to an opportunity to hear them better, gain you temporarily enhanced hearing, or in some cases gain you the ability to hear their thoughts temporarily. Be careful what you wish for though. Don’t do this sigil if you can’t handle what someone may think about you.

“I hear what [insert name] is saying from across the room.”

12. Magick For The Good of Others – A Sigil to Help Someone Get Good Grades

Use: Anxiety, depression, and life events can sometimes make people go into a downward spiral, so if you or someone you know needs a bit of help, use this.

Warning: It’s entirely possible this may cause bad luck – or bad grades later on – to balance out the energy.

“[Insert name] [passes her tests/gets good grades] with ease.”

13. Magick For The Good of Others – A Sigil to Calm Someone’s Mind and Help Them Come to a Decision on a Tough Situation

Use: This sigil is used to make an indecisive person make a decision that is best for them.

Warning: This is not meant to make someone decide what YOU want them to decide on, so make sure you accept whatever choice they make when you visualize the outcome.

“[Insert name] is calm and decides on how to proceed with [situation].”

14. Magick at Work/School/Events – A Sigil to Speed Things Up

Use: Make time feel like it’s going faster, such as at work or school when you are bored.

Warning: Can get overwhelming really fast. When that happens, simply use the “slow down” sigil.

“Speed up.”

15. Magick at Work/School/Events – A Sigil to Slow Things Down

Use: Make time feel like it’s slowing down, such as when things get too overwhelming and you need a little break.

Warning: Can make things feel terribly slow.

“Slow down.”

16. Magick at Work/Down-Time – A Sigil to Boost Your Creativity/Summon Your Muse

Use: Exactly what it says: boost your creativity and banish creator’s block.

Warning: Can cause insomnia if the sigil is still active, but it is also possible to cause very intense…creative dreams.

“All of my creative ideas flow and I do not have creator’s block.”

17. Magick for the Car – A Sigil to Get Home Safe

Use: Used especially when you are in a vehicle that seems a bit…sketchy, or perhaps the driver is a bit reckless.

Warning: if you are pushing it, the car might break down the moment you get home.

“My car will not break down and will get me home safely.”

18. Magick for Fun – A Sigil to Win Something

Use: To win something, such as a contest.

Warning: Bad luck may follow.

“I win [the contest, etc].

19. Magick for Anxiety – Stay Calm Sigil

Use: To calm anxiety and fear.

Warning: Only temporary and used as a guide.
“I am calm.”

20. Fun Magick – A Sigil to Make Something Interesting Happen, At The Harm of None

Use: Used because you are bored, or want an interesting story to tell.

Warning: Can easily turn into black magick and cause harm, and can also be very difficult to cast since it is not too specific.

“Something interesting happens today, at the harm of none.”


I hope you enjoyed! More sigils are coming soon. Also, make sure you know how to activate and charge your sigil for the best results, and if you tried any of these don’t forget to comment below.

Author: Kaia Blackwood

Armed with curiosity and an obsession with asking questions, Kaia has made it her mission to help other witches practice the craft all the while finding (or creating) their own path. When she's not casting spells or writing on her blog, Kaia is playing with her dog (a Corgi and Jack Russel mix. A Ja'Corgi, if you will), writing fan-fiction, and dreaming (and planning) to travel abroad.

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